"What time is it?"
The perennial question "What time is it?" broods over us like a great timekeeper watching over the affairs of man, keeping count of every thought, intent, motive and work. What time is it? -- it is the last time of the Lord's earthly dealings with man. Nearly 6000 years have passed since the Adamic covenant was established and 2000 years from the time of Christ's eternal blood covenant. We have seen 2000 years of Christianity flourish throughout the face of the earth and, against all odds, the apostate nation of Israel reborn in 1948. Jerusalem is now under Jewish control (for all intents and purposes) after nearly a 3000 year hiatus and now God's prophetic clock is winding down.

The Lord Jesus Christ prophesied that Jerusalem would be wiped out and  "not one stone would be left on top of another",  Matthew 24:2.  In 70 AD,  40 years or one generation later General Titus and the Roman army did just that by ransacking, pillaging and destroying Jerusalem exactly as the Lord prophesied. The number 40 here (as in many other places in sacred scripture) is very significant, it signifies a milestone in the history and life of Jerusalem. This "first 40" years or first generation of the Christian era resulted in the physical ruin of Jerusalem and the spiritual release of the New Jerusalem -- the Church. It was as if the Spirit of the Lord was saying, "My Jerusalem is no longer stone and mortar but a living, breathing Being -- the New Jerusalem of the Church." And now the "last 40" years of the Christian era will see the fulfillment of God's will with physical Jerusalem in the Tribulation Temple, as well as in spiritual Jerusalem,  the reformation and rapture of the Church!

Jesus also prophesied that "Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles is complete." In 1967 AD the Jews regained full control of Jerusalem and the "time of the Gentiles" began to count down. The presence of non-Jews in Jerusalem is simply allowed by the owners, the Jewish people. If Israel wanted all foreigners out they could kick them out in a heart beat; Israel has that kind of power. The time of Gentile completion began in 1967 and will soon come to its grand finale. Dear reader we are in the 49th year of this completion!!!  What the old Roman empire did 2000 years ago to destroy Jerusalem, the end time "Roman Empire" in the United States of America will finish. But it won't be a physical  destruction but something far more spiritually grave, it will be the blasphemy of God's holy name in the Tribulation Temple by the Jewish-American Antichrist.!!! This time around Jerusalem is spiritually, not physically, destroyed. This blaspheme will be multiplied  with the profanity of the  ensuing Tribulation Temple animal sacrifices -- an affront  to the precious shed blood of the final Sacrificial Lamb, the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!

The generation that sees these events unfold will be the final generation that sees the return of the Lord Jesus Christ for His people!!!!

Though the sacred scriptures are silent on the subject it is very likely that the Tribulation Temple will break ground in the coming days will become shorter and more evil. He who has ears to hear let him hear what the Spirit of God is saying.

What time is it? It is time to seek the Lord's face like never before. It is time to reevaluate our lives, our commitments and where our treasures lie. It is time to see our lost loved ones come to the saving grace that comes solely from Jesus Christ. It is time for one last evangelical and missionary thrust and for the Body of Christ to truly be One in Spirit  and Truth -- Christians loving each other with God's holy passion.

Now is the time. . .