The Solar Eclipse of Division
On May 10, 1994 AD the Spirit of the Lord spoke the word "Division!" during an annular eclipse of the Sun. This solar eclipse was visible within a 130 mile-wide corridor window from El Paso, Texas to Maine (see globe and map below). Since the moon was too far away to block the Sun entirely, yet close enough for an annular eclipse, the Sun appeared as a bright ring or a celestial "eye" (see photo). It was this "eye of God" that sliced across America with a warning of division.

             Picture of the annular solar eclipse of May 10, 1994
             through partly cloudy skies -- "The Eye of God slicing
             the sky and setting down His linear standard."

The path of this eclipse ran south and north dividing the nation in eastern and western halves. Since 1996 we have witnessed in the natural further portents of God's judgment; the eastern half of the USA has been inundated with record breaking floods, the western half of the USA has seen unprecedented forest and grass fires. The water and fire are the contrasting "divisions of sin".


                 Maps courtesy of Sky & Telescope magazine May 1994

It was about 150 years ago during the Civil War that the Mason-Dixon line ran in an east/west line that split the country north and south. It was the Mason-Dixon line that brought the last great division to America that resulted in the Civil War, a war that brought more death and destruction to America than any other war in American history. The Civil War division was essentially over the indignity and inhumanity of slavery. The Eclipse Division is about our overall national sins of immorality and self-centeredness  that are an order of magnitude greater than the sins of the Civil War (as horrible as slavery certainly was), a contemporary national sin that is characterized by nothing worse than the scourge of abortion and soon followed by divorce,  blaspheme, including all the others ranging from pornography to illicit drug use, fornication, violent crime and the list goes on. . .  

It's getting close to being too late. The 2000 presidential election, as historically the closest margin election,  was proof positive that America is a divided nation. Moreover, for the first time in over 100 years the US Senate is perfectly split 50/50 (however with the recent defection of a Republican senator the balance is now tipped towards the Democrats. This isn't division but confusion). It was also in 2000 that a major split took place in the Church by way of the moderate Texas Baptists splitting from the conservative southern Baptists (In all fairness it must be mentioned that a glorious act of unity was implemented between Lutherans and Episcopalians during 2000. Pope John Paul II also released sweeping acts of repentance and reconciliation during the Jubilee year of 2000). There is division among Episcopalians and the Anglican body at large over the installment of an avowed homosexual bishop. And further division among The Church of Christ over homosexuality as well. There are other examples...

There is no denying that America is a changed nation and becoming more and more a divided nation. The ruthlessness that runs rampant in politics, the Church, in media/entertainment and even in families (through the curse of divorce) have all reached epidemic proportions. What will it take to turn things around? A spiritual revival of biblical scale, of course. But this has been the talk of the Church for the last several decades. A true revival is more than prayer and preaching but genuine repentance ("For faith without works is dead" James 2:17)

For the moral and spiritual climate in America to change, America will have to turn to the prophetic book of Jonah and see the repentant example of the great city of Nineveh, the capital of ancient Assyria. See the section on this web site called "Capitalism if Finished".

If the account of Jonah and Nineveh is not heeded then the Church in America risks on herself the curse of Rehoboam . Recall that Rehoboam was the son of Solomon ( II Chronicles 10 through 12) who inherited the united kingdom of Israel from his father King Solomon. As heir to the throne, Rehoboam was given the final decision concerning the work load and economic conditions for the people of Israel; he was to either ease the burden on the people of God which is what the older and wiser consultants encouraged him to do or he could increase the workload on the Hebrews on advice of the younger, immature men in his court. Unfortunately the successor to Solomon's kingdom chose incorrectly by choosing greater work and taxation. The people rebelled and the kingdom was split apart; a division that is mysteriously still with us and is in danger of being repeated in today's end time Churches!!!

Unless drastic measures of spiritual change and repentance take place, the 'spirit of Rehoboam' will come to the Church in America. How would this division take place? Through the severe money issues that are to plague the land. It is this across-the-board 'spirit of Rehoboam' division (directly linked to money tests and trials) that is coming to the Church in America that, though tragic, will see the true release of God's remnant Church!!!

It will be glory within paradox.

In light of the economic judgments before us and the corresponding lack of financial resources Church leaders will be upping the  financial ante higher and higher with more pleas and further pressures, burdens and manipulations on  the people of God. Through all this the Lord will further His higher causes in releasing the true Body of Christ where the priesthood of the believer will become a reality.

This is the Church that will birth and nurture the last great harvest of souls in power, anointing and true discipleship. It is this Church that will reflect the house of David (i.e. the whole of Israel) by going forward to fulfill the eternal destiny of God.