The Whore of Babylon
Revelation chapter 17 provides this strange vision of a woman riding a scarlet colored animal, she is referred to as "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." Who is this whore of the book of Revelation? If we are truly living in the last days as many purport and prophesy (which includes The Spirit of Melchizedek Ministry) then the identity of this apocalyptic figure is most crucial.

The current talk in evangelical/prophetic circles which includes many of the speakers on TBN and Christian best-selling authors points to the European Union or EU as this 'revived Roman empire' Babylon. This premise is based on a 10 nation European confederacy (never mind the fact that there are currently 28 nations in the EU with more slated to join in the next few years). This, they report, is only half of the last days Babylon -- the economic Babylon. The other half is the religious Babylon based in the Roman Catholic Church centered in Rome. You see,  there must be two Babylons in order for this "revived Roman empire" scenario to make any kind of sense. In reality, the aforementioned ideas are nonsense and carry no anointing of the Holy Spirit.

First of all, there has only been one Babylon from day one and there will always be one Babylon according to sacred scriptures. It's been the same Babylon all along for the past 4500 years just in different guises. Babylon is the counterfeit to God's true and holy purposes. Babylon is the devil's claim to fame to "rob, steal and destroy" God's holy truths.  And Babylon comes in  the most grandiose and subtle of ways.

It all started with the original city-state of Ancient Babylon the Great in 2300 BC.  It was just after the Noahic deluge that the peoples of the world, who all spoke one language and were united as one people, decided to center their lives apart from God. The Tower of Babel was the symbol of their own ability to reach God and  become "gods" on their own. This has been the devil's lie from the very beginning -- "Man can become god by his own efforts" -- it's the man-god syndrome that is at the very heart of this world system that belongs to the devil, especially in the foundational tenets of Freemasonry, Illuminism and Talmudic Judaism.  This is the very first lie that caused Eve, and then Adam, to sin in the garden of Eden. And this lie permeates today's Babylonian world system -- "Man is the center of the universe", "Man is the master of his own destiny", "Man will solve his own problems, in his own way and his own timing". Understand, the devil doesn't care who or what man worships as long as it's not the One true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who is known soley through the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the essence of the Babylonian demonic principality. And it is the devil's smoke screen!!!!

The word 'Babylon' is a Semitic word meaning 'gate of the gods (i.e. demons)'. The Hebrew word is 'Babel'. It is through this 'gate of demons' that the devil comes and goes with his hordes of evil minions, deceiving the multitudes of humanity through the nations and empires of the world.

The different Babylonian empires mentioned in the Bible are those that had any kind of dealing with the people of God, the Hebrew children. The nations of the world all come from the tower of Babel and are Babylonian in nature such as the Chinese. The Chinese had their dynasties but no involvement in God's Old Testament historical plans. The ancient empires of the Americas such as the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas are also of Babylonian descent but they are not biblically mentioned since there is no historical influence with the Jews, God's Mosaic-Covenant people. The Babylonian dealings with the men of God begins with Abraham who was called out of Ancient Babylon the Great in 1900 BC.

From Ancient Babylon came Egypt. It was in the midst of babylonian Egypt that the patriarch Joseph was tried, used and blessed of the Lord. The people of God were also weaned and tested for 215 years in Egypt and  the nation of Israel increased in number.  The name of Moses and The Hebrew Plight are synonymous with Egypt.

Next was babylonian Assyria.  In 721 BC the northern kingdom of Israel was conquered and all 10 tribes taken captive by the Assyrians, never to be heard from again (spiritually speaking, though, the Church represents those 'lost tribes",  for "all of Israel shall be saved" -- but that's a whole other revelation and illumination)

The Jews lost their independence in 588 BC when Jerusalem was ransacked, destroyed and desecrated (on the Hebrew calendar 9th of Av) by Nebuchadnezzar's babylonian Chaldee-Babylon empire. The first major blasphemy and desecration of the holy Temple took place around 588 BC at the hands of Babylon's King Nebuchadnezzar. And from this Babylonian kingdom we have the writings of the prophets Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and others. It would be another 2,500 years before the Jewish people would once again sovereignly rule Jerusalem. This took place in the midst of the 6-Day War in AD 1967. After around 3000 years the Jews once more had full control of Jerusalem.

The babylonian Persian-Mede empire allowed the rebuilding of Jerusalem by decree of Cyrus and the eventual return of the Jewish Babylonian exiles to Judah (but under Persian rule).

In 320 BC the babylonian Macedonian-Greek empire took Jerusalem and 100,000 of her inhabitants captive. And in 167 BC General Antiochus profaned  the Temple by sacrificing a pig on the holy altar and setting up pagan idols ( "coincidentally" on the 9th day of Av -- the exact same day as Nebuchadnezzar's Temple desecration). This was the second major desecration of the Temple, second to Nebuchadnezzar's blasphemy in 588 BC (The third and final blasphemy comes in the Tribulation Temple when the Antichrist blasphemes Jesus Christ's holy name).

Now comes the mighty babylonian Roman empire. Like the previously mentioned Babylonian empires the Roman Empire also ruled and reigned over Israel. And as prophesied by Jesus Himself, the Romans led by General Titus destroyed Jerusalem on September 8, 70 AD.  Multitudes of Jews were slaughtered and "there was not left one stone upon another that was not thrown down" (Jesus' prophecy in Matthew 24:2).

The Jewish people have been in the Diaspora during the last 2000 years of Christianity. Even with the 'rebirth' of the nation of Israel the Jewish people still inhabit many other nations of the world. Unlike any other time in history the dealings of  Babylon with the Jewish people now encompasses the entire world! The entire world system or the New World Order is now the final Babylonian System. And the two chief characteristics of this world-wide monstrosity is pagan Americanism coupled to apostate Jewish Zionism. Ancient Babylon is back in its' pagan "Oneness" (E Pluribus Unum, "From the many comes one") in the USA and Israel -- two nations that encompass about 90% of world Jewry.

These combined facts will put a dual citizen (American and Israeli) in the White House as "king" of the world and as the Antichrist!!!.

King Solomon's seal (also known as the Talisman of Saturn ( or Kronos -- the chief of the pagan gods) was a dual-sided medallion with the pentagram on one side and the hexagram on the other. The masonic USA pentagram star and the Zionist Israel hexagram star symbolize the last days deception of Satan. These symbols speak of the deification of man through a type of demonic duality that encompases the Gentile world and the Jewish world into One World Order -- Babylon the Great.

Finally, the 3rd and final profanity of the Temple (the rebuilt Tribulation Temple) will come from this Jewish/Zionist American Antichrist. And we know the day, the 9th of Av which on the Christian calendar is sometime in late July/early August.  Keep your eyes on the American political scene and the overall Middle Eastern scenario .


President George Bush's March 2003 decision to invade the ancient and original land of Babylon the Great (i.e. Iraq) under false pretenses -- a decision rooted in extreme arrogance, greed, covetousness and vengeance (and Zionism!) -- has sealed the USA's fate as the leader of Babylon the Great mentioned in Revelation 17 and 18.

One of the first military camps setup by the American forces was 'Camp Babylon' located exactly where the Tower of Babel was located (about 50 miles south of Baghdad) over 4000 years ago. The American flag flying over Ancient Babylon the Great now symbolizes the USA as the Last Day's Babylon the Great.

The USA has built the largest U.S. diplomatic mission (i.e. embassy) in the world in Baghdad, Iraq. This American political base will house a staff of 3000 personnel. Why build the largest, permanent American diplomatic presence in a third rate nation like Iraq? Because the true, long-term plan is for American/Zionist hegemony in the oil-rich and strategic Middle East (all at the expense of thousands upon thousands of dead Iraqi children).

This tyranny doesn't stop here -- a number of permanent U.S. military bases are already established all over Iraq and other areas in the Middle East. Ancient Babylon (Iraq) now belongs to the end-time Babylon -- the Zionist USA.

This is world tyranny, corruption, totalitarianism -- just like the ancient Romans, Greeks, Persians, etc.

The Spirit of Jesus gave America and Bush's administration a significant warning in early February 2003 as the decision to invade Iraq was being finalized. It was then that the space shuttle Columbia, with 6 American and 1 Israeli astronauts (note the nationality makeup of this crew, also note that the name 'Columbia' -- the feminine name for the USA), disintegrated over the skies of Ft. Worth , Texas with the remains of the astronauts strewn in the area of Palestine, Texas (note also the name Palestine). The Spirit of Jesus was signifying judgment from on high to both the USA (ie. pagan Americanism) and Israel  (ie. apostate Zionism), both co-conspirators in illegally and immorally invading Iraq (historical Babylon).

Breakup of the Space Shuttle Columbia in February 2003. One month before the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq.

Furthermore, it is the USA that leads the world in the "new world order", a motto  that is blazoned on the American dollar's Great Seal back side --  "Novus Ordo Seclorum". This is the currency of not just the U.S. but  the entire world.  The world's economy is based on the American dollar, the current economic meltdown notwithstanding. Those who look to the European Union as the "revived Roman Empire" and to the Eurodollar as the new global currency are totally incorrect. Europe's economy is a basketcase.  Europe's world influence is way behind America's. Europe is America's vassal state.

Beyond economic issues is the pagan philosophy of democracy ("the voice of the people is the voice of god"or benevolent totalitarianism). There is no nation in the world that champions "democracy"  more than the USA; a rally that is often forced and enforced on the end of American high-tech weaponry! And it is this pagan Greek philosophy/religion of democracy that will elect the American Antichrist, betray Israel and blaspheme Jesus Christ's holy name  in the Tribulation Temple of Jerusalem.

It was the USA that was the first  western nation not to officially recognize Christianity as the ultimate truth, instead Christianity falls under the auspices of the pluralistic Constitution. In other words there is a truth that is higher than Christ, His word and His Church.  Those who want to brand the EU and Rome as Babylon the Great fail to see that the major nations of Europe have a historic, national and official recognition of Christianity even though Europe has, for all intents and purposes, entered a post-Christian era.

And speaking of national symbols what is America's national symbol? The pentagram star, the most ancient of Babylonian symbols, the perennial symbol of the pagan mystery schools which come to their mystical culmination in the USA. Zionist Israel's hexagram is also of demonic origin and is used by the Talmudic/Illuminati/Masonic elite as a sign of their belief "as above so below" -- the oldest mantra of the occult. Both the pentagram and hexagram are simply variations of the same eternal grand lie. It is linked to star worship... To be like the stars! To be like the star gods! This goes back to the very beginning of man's history when Satan deceived Adam and Eve with the big lie -- " Yea has God said... you shall not die... but you shall be as gods." (Genesis 3:1-3).


The news agencies of the world reported in May 1997 that for the first time in history America had troops stationed in over 700 bases in over 100 countries over the entire globe. No other nation even comes close to this kind of military deployment. The USA spends more on the military than the rest of the world combined ('war feeds the monstrosity'). And it is the five-pointed pentagram star that is witnessed by the masses around the globe to be the symbol of the strongest, most visible military might in the world ("...and they worshipped the beast, saying, "Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?" Revelation 13:4 ). The "New World Secular Order" is here !!!

As an enclave of officially established Christian Europe the United States has absolutely no official or national Christian representation. It is the first major nation to officially separate Church from state. If we are a Christian nation, as some Christian public voices purport,  then why isn't Jesus and the Christian faith mentioned in the Constitution? Even a paltry mention of Jesus Christ in the Preamble would do. But nothing. This is because as far as the freemasonry- based American government is concerned (including some of the institutionalized Churches) the Constitution comes before Christ and His Church. The generic US government references to "God" doesn't mean a thing apart from Jesus Christ. The true and living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not some generalized deity.  He is glorified and known solely in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth (St. John 14:6).

Just consider the 1796 Treaty of Peace and Friendship with the Muslims of North Africa (Also known as The Barbary Treaties). Article 11 of this ratified treaty states, "As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion..." This treaty became law of the land when President John Adams (a deist Mason of statement, "We're not a nation of men, but of laws.") signed this document. And with the president's signature came the Masonry-based Presidential Seal posted on the treaty. This law states unequivocally that the USA has no officially recognized Christian foundation!

Mention the above to many of the "fundamentalist right-wing evangelicals" and they'll burn you at the stake.  What the masons founded in America is a pluralized "truth" to reality -- Reason over supernatural Truth: Which means man is only accountable to himself and not to the absolute truth of Christ. In other words Jesus and Christianity are fine as long as America and the Constitution come first, and so long as Christianity is "one of many religions" and formally performed only on Sundays. It's interesting that the two prevalent, non-Christian ideologies of the world, Communism and Capitalism, have one thing in common -- no official Christian identity. Communism is officially atheistic and Capitalism is officially agnostic. Only in Christianity is the absolute Truth found solely in the person Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

America has taken on a new world view (its actually the same old demonic strategy since the Garden of Eden) of world dominion and influence. President G.W. Bush has sown the seeds for a type of 'neo-fascism' in America that will lead the world to a glorified global fascism. With all due respect, let's review fascism:

         * Fascism is political rule of the extreme right that places the desires of the nation above all other national needs. Individual rights are squelched to favor national domineering desires; dissenting voices are quickly destroyed. Fascism's enemies within and without are dealt with using ruthless extremism. Checkout Pres. Bush's ruthless vindictiveness toward any questioning voices in the U.S. government toward his administration policies, especially those policies concerning Iraq. Bush's Patriot Acts have also opened the gates to this end, along with the proposed Total Information Act (a centralized national database) and TIPS program (an organized grass roots snitch program) that, though slowed by Congress somewhat, still have their mechanisms quietly working behind the scenes. Fascism will do whatever it takes  to build and maintain the national regime (which certainly includes illegal actions) . Militarism is also at the heart of fascism. The arrogant nationalism displayed in illegally invading Iraq shows the extreme measures of modern fascism, call it neo-fascism (or fascist-democracy).
         * Fascism melds big government with big business - a type of rogue capitalism. Under Bush's administration, and continued under Obama, the oligarchy has gained monumental footholds in the daily affairs of all Americans. Big business and big government have never in American history been closer to each other.
         * Fascism follows the political attitude of totalitarian Bolshevism where the single state party rules. America's "two party" system is becoming more and more a political intermesh that can really be described as "one party with two flavors". Third party political entities are irrelevant in America -- the ruling "one and a half" party system has assured this.

The scariest part of all the above is that the Church in America (especially the independent, big-time media evangelical Churches) have bought into these lies. There has been no challenge from America's pastors to the lies, deceptions and arrogance that has come out of Washington DC, especially in the time-frame leading up to Gulf War 2 or in the aftermath -- especially in the aftermath when all claims for this war of aggression in Iraq proved to be false.

The book of Ezekiel in chapter 14, verse 4 states that if a child of God comes before the Lord with an idol in his heart, the Lord will answer him according to that idol and the iniquity of his heart. The Church in America is being given over to the idol of pagan Americanism. The unholy mixture of Masonic Americanism with Christianity is blinding the eyes of both Church leadership and rank and file Christians all across America. These are truly the last of the last days.


The Lord Jesus has blessed America over the last 240  years of her history.  And America has a heroic track of helping nations in need such as through the Marshal Plan to rebuild Europe and Japan in the aftermath of World War 2. There are countless times when America has aided nations who were in the midst of natural or man-made disasters. America's technology and medical advancements have impacted the world over. The USA is the world's breadbasket producing more food than the rest of the world combined with significant amounts given away to needy nations.

Above all, American freedom has enabled the Body of Christ  to rise to the occasion and pursue God's holy will by taking  the Gospel of Jesus  to literally the ends of the earth. There is no other national Church that has essentially finished the Great Commission than the Church in America.

However, there is no denying the Laodecian character of today's American Church and the gross immorality of national America. In fact , there has never been a more self-centered, self-absorbed generation than today's in the USA. America's national sins testify against us all. May we heed this call of warning to repent, seek God to heal our land and fulfill the good works that the Spirit of the Lord requires of us. It's still not too late but the cost is now higher and getting more costly with every passing day. May the Spirit of Jesus raise up the apostolic national Christian leadership that the Church in America so desperately needs. And may we be delivered from our spiritually arrogant Christian fragmentation.

We can miss God dear reader. The Church in America can be  passed up. We haven't passed that holy line of demarcation yet -- but we're so very close. The scariest part of all this is that most Christians believe America is immune to the tests and trials of these last days. Or there is the belief that America will somehow be "crippled" by some sort of suitcase nuclear device, in effect wounding America but not destroying her. This is nothing more than evangelical cop-out talk promulgated mostly by the evangelical/zionist/dispensationalists. Most have been led to believe by Church leaders and writers (including the popular TBN films "The Omega Code" and "Megiddo")  that Europe/Rome is Babylon the Great and the USA is a "Christian" nation. The above treatise proves otherwise. Most of the American Church leadership know that if they expose America as the Whore of Revelation their money support will dry up since 99% of their finances comes from American Christians. The fear of man and the worship of religious jobs is too great. Religious professionalism is simply too big of an idol.  

Lord Jesus have mercy on us all in your holy Name. Send waves of repentance and revival throughout the world and especially here in America. Amen.

        Pray for our beloved America!

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